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Lincolnshire ASA

The Swim England Handbook 2023 Access here >

Swim England Wavepower: Swim Englands' Safeguarding Policy  Access here >

Meridian Leisure Centre - Click here for venue information >

Swim England Equality and Diversity Policy:

Swim England is committed to equality and diversity in all its functions. This includes affiliated clubs and their members. To help you honour the practices and principles of equality and diversity we have brought together guidance, both internal and external. Access here >

Swim England Health and Wellbeing Fact Sheets:

Following publication of the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming report, Swim England’s Health Commission group have agreed to work collaboratively to develop a range of fact sheets on swimming with particular health conditions, written for competitive swimmers, the general public and to also assist those who support or advise swimmers. The number of fact sheets is expected to grow in the coming months, with all content provided by technical experts who specialise in swimming and health conditions, based on the best available evidence. Click to find out more >

Swim Time Convertor:

The Swim Time Converter converts your swim times between short course metres (SCM) and long course metres (LCM). Simply enter your time, course and event, then click "convert”. Your converted time will be calculated and displayed. Access here >

Charities offering help and advice

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to.  Hopefully our swimmers feel confident enough to be able to talk to parents, siblings, coaches, welfare officers or friends. However, these are not trained professionals and sometimes a little more help is needed.  

Below is a list of numbers/websites which can offer some help/advice. Please do not ever be afraid or embarrassed to talk to someone.     


Anti-Bullying Alliance     



0800 1111 

Support for children and young people in the UK, including a free 24-hour helpline.     

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) 

0800 800 5000 0800 1111 (18 or under) 

Support for children and anyone worried about a child.      

No Panic 

0330 606 1174

Charity offering support for sufferers of panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).   

Anxiety UK 

03444 775 775 (helpline)  07537 416 905 (text) 

Advice and support for people living with anxiety. 

For members over the age of 16 Steps for Change have facilities in Louth and offer help and advice.