Once a Skills Squad swimmer has mastered the basics of competitive swimming they move on to Development Squad.  Development training hours start at 5 ½ (including morning training at 6am), progressing to 7 hours and the emphasis is quite different from Skills.  Whilst stroke and competitive techniques are developed further the swimmer is introduced to competitive training principles to improve their fitness and stamina that will be essential as they progress further within the club. Any swimmers wishing to improve and achieve their potential need to attend all sessions for which they are eligible.   

Development Squad is sub-divided into ‘A’ & ‘B’ with ‘A’ being by invitation once the appropriate level has been attained. Development ‘A’ train alongside Performance Squad on Sundays.  

In addition to pool time, Development swimmers also have 1 land training session per week. The emphasis here is on Core Stability, Flexibility and Strength training with exercises designed to help improve the swimmers performance in the pool. No weights are used at this age and level of physical development.  

All swimmers must compete to progress. We attend several Open Meets during the year, as well as Club Galas and competitions, in which everyone has the chance to swim. The emphasis is on swimming fast but also supporting each other and having an enjoyable day whilst learning how to compete. These competitions can be a great day out or weekend away for swimmers and families!  

To encourage a continuous flow of swimmers through the squad, Development has an upper age limit of 13. Once they have reached 14 swimmers will either have progressed to ‘Performance Squad’ or moved to our ‘Club’ Squad. 

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