Junior League Round 3 September 2016


Lincs Junior League Round3 – Grimsby Leisure Centre 10/09/16

It was a nail biting finish to the third and final round of this year’s Lincs Junior Inter League.

After a nervous few minutes waiting for our last few swimmers to arrive, Louth’s Junior team, once again, gave an outstanding performance. The swimmers soon settled into their stride giving it their all, to successfully defend their title against CADS, Grimsby Aquatics, CLP and Scunthorpe Anchor.

The ‘mighty’ Louth claimed first place after a truly spectacular battle, fighting tooth and nail for every point. In total we amassed 9 individual and 7 relay wins. Louth’s ‘Swimmers of the Night’ go to two swimmers, Libby Doubleday and Phoebe Payne. Both were undefeated throughout the duration of the competition, with two individual wins and team wins with the 11yr Girls Relay. The ‘OGGYS’ were ringing loud and clear throughout the night so much so CLP had to keep reminding us they were still there!!

1st places:

Louth’s first individual win was Willem Kloosterboer in the Boys 10yrs 50m Breaststroke, just touching out the Grimsby swimmer. This was quickly followed by Libby Doubleday and her first win of the night in the Girls 11yrs 50m backstroke by a convincing 3 second margin. Ruby Waring was up next with a 4 second win over her fellow swimmers in the Girls 10yrs 50m Backstroke. Reuben Heywood and Libby Doubleday both won their 11yrs 50m Butterfly, making it a clean sweep in all rounds this year proving their dominance of this event! Harriette Rowden-Jones just managed to fight off the CADS swimmer for success in the Girls 12yrs 50m Freestyle. It was close but she fought hard for the win. Newcomer Edward Patterson followed with a 1.5 second win in the Boys 9yrs 25m Backstroke. Phoebe Payne then secured her two individual wins of the night with a 1.7 second win in the Girls 11yrs 50m Freestyle, quickly followed by her Girls 11yrs 50m Breaststroke win. This was her first time swimming this as an individual, so well done Phoebe.

Relay wins for Louth went to the following:

Girls 10yrs Medley & Free – Holly Giles, Casey Cleaver, Ruby Waring, Kaitlyn Gifford

Boys 10yrs Medley & Free – Jack Lea, Willem Kloosterboer, Sam Baxter, Teo Gordon

Girls 11yrs Medley & Free – Phoebe Payne, Libby Doubleday, Lotti Wright, Ruby Waring (Medley), Kaitlyn Gifford (Free)

Girls 12yrs Free – Isobel Leggate, Laura Jeanes, Chloe Bradley, Harriette Rowden-Jones

Individual 2nd places on the night were as follows; Solomon Willmington (11yr 50m Backstroke), Teo Gordon (10yr 50m Backstroke and Freestyle), Harvey Munns (12yr 50m Freestyle and Backstroke), Kaitlyn Gifford (10yr 50m Freestyle), Reuben Heywood (11yr 50m Breaststroke), Harriette Rowden-Jones (12yr 50m Backstroke)

Team Relay 2nd places were achieved by the following teams: Girls 12yr Medley – Isobel Leggate, Laura Jeanes, Chloe Bradley, Harriette Rowden-Jones. Boys 11yr Medley & Free – Harry Roworth, Willem Kloosterboer, Reuben Heywood and Solomon Willmington.

Individual 3rd places went to Effie Kennedy (9yrs 25m Freestyle and Backstroke), Conor Buckley (25m Freestyle), Casey Cleaver (10yr 50m Breaststroke), Chloe Bradley (12yr 50m Butterfly), Charles Hendry (9yr 25m Breaststroke), Solomon Willmington (11yr 50m Freestyle), Edward Patterson (9yr 25m Butterfly)

Team Relay 3rd places were achieved by: Boys 12yr Medley & Free – Ethan Briggs, Finlay Cooksey, Christian Rook, Harvey Muns. Boys 9yr Medley & Free – Jacob Cooksey, Charles Hendry, Edward Patterson and Conor Buckley. And finally the Cannon (8x25m) Effie Kennedy, Conor Buckley, Kaitlyn Gifford, Teo Gordon, Phoebe Payne, Reuben Heywood, Harriette Rowden-Jones and Harvey Munns.

Final scores on the night:

  • Louth 176
  • CLP 155
  • CADS 152
  • Grimsby AST 149
  • Scunthorpe A 95

A fantastic nights swimming with immense support from the poolside and the viewing parents, amazing team spirit!!! Louth will now, for the second time in successive years – punch above its weight and contest in the Arena Junior Inter League Northern Final in Grantham against the City of Leeds, Stockport Metro, Gateshead and Whickham, Northampton and Southport on 2nd October. OGGY OGGY OGGY!!!!!!!!