Chairman’s Christmas message

Right I’m not going to bang on about what a fantastic club you are lucky to be a member of, our awesome facility, the hundreds of hours given up by the Coaches, Officials, Committee and helpers.

The fact that everyone is a volunteer is why your subs (believe it or not) are relatively low, even with the pending January increase. On top of this our members learn the values of friendship and discipline plus so many important life skills.

What I need is for more of you to step forward and volunteer to be trained as an Official – Time Keeper – Judge – Starter. The training for this is short, sweet & relatively painless delivered locally by our very own trainer Iain Hodgson – what you then have to commit to is the practical training.

Without our fantastic band of officials we cannot operate as a competitive club (many have continued long after our children moved on).

Please message me personally as I’m going to co-ordinate the January course for Iain.

Secondly, to maintain our membership fees and additionalities we URGENTLY need someone to step forward to be our Sponsorship Secretary (this is an as-and-when time permits job!) and a role totally separate to my new passion – Meridian Open Meet 2017 sponsor co-ordinator.

BREAKING NEWS – We have a new partnership formed (namely Gary Spencer, Michael Burke & Joby Barton) who have agreed to do this valuable role – please help them in any way you can by suggesting contacts of potential sponsors.

We need to find main sponsors to cover 100% of our pool hire cost for the day of the Open Meet, and then additional sponsors for each event (around 30) to make the tremendous amount of time and effort worth our while, thereby keeping entry fees to a reasonable amount and the funds raised can be ploughed back into the club.

Finally, we have no-one available due to other commitments within the club to source table sponsors for presentation eve, (first time last year and a huge success – just need someone to carry it forward), we are going to have to forfeit this unless someone steps forward quickly? The sponsors covered the cost of the Town Hall last year.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas & New Year

Bob and Lesley & Hollie