Dear All we are still short of volunteers for our bag packing on the 17th December at the Coop Louth, please see below to time slots please volunteer your time for just a few hours to help raise money for your Swimming club. Thank you to Nicola Barton Alison Gifford Jason TaylorLindsay Rowden Jones Hazel Brown Alex Parkin Iris Fürst Claire Payne and their children for taking part. Any problems with the times please let me know thanks Louise

Louise Jeanes-P (Session leader)
Charlie Jeanes
Nicky Barton –P
Eliza Barton
Lucy Barton
Alison Gifford-P (11.30-12.30)
Kaitlyn Gifford
Jason Taylor-P
William Taylor

Nicky Barton –P (Session leader)
Eliza Barton
Lucy Barton
Lindsay Rowden Jones-P
Harriet Rowden Jones
Hazel Brown- P
Jack Brown
Alison Gifford-P (11.30-12.30)
Kaitlyn Gifford

Claire Payne-P Session Leader
Phoebe Payne
Alex Parkin- P
Bea Parkin
Iris Furst-P
Leon Bailey